German Lands

Constitutional documents in chronological order and original language:


Constitution of the German Federation (8 June 1815)

Constitution of the Kingdom of Bavaria (26 May 1818)

Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Bade (22 August 1818)

Constitutional Charter of the Principality of Lippe (8 June 1819)

Constitution of the Kingdom of Württemberg (25 September 1819)

Final act of the Vienna Ministerial Conference (15 May 1820)

Constitution of the Grand Duchy of Hesse (17 December 1820)

Constitutional Charter of the Electorate of Hesse (5 January 1831)

Constitution of the Kingdom of Saxony (4 September 1831)

Constitution of the Duchy of Brunswick (“Neue Landschaftsordnung”, 12 October 1832)

Constitutional Charter of the Principality of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (11 July 1833)

Constitutional Charter of the Kingdom of Hanover (“Landesverfassungsgesetz”, 6 August 1840)

Royal concept of a Constitution for the Prussian State (20 May 1848)

Concept of a Constitutional Charter for the Prussian State (“Charte Waldeck”, 26 July 1848)

Constitutional Charter of the Prussian State (“oktroyierte Verfassung”, 5 December 1848)

Constitution of the German Reich (“Frankfurter Reichsverfassung”, 28 March 1849)

Contract between the King of Prussia and the sovereigns of Hohenzollern-Hechingen and Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (7 December 1849)

Constitutional Charter of Prussia („revidierte Verfassung“, 31 January 1850)

Constitution of the Northern Federation (16 April 1867)

Constitution of the German Empire (“Bismarcksche Reichsverfassung”, 16 April 1871)




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