Talk of the town: Media Response

Come here to get all the news about the project members’ activities and media responses to the Heirs to the Throne Project.


Praise for “Sons and Heirs”

We are delighted that “Sons and Heirs” has been received favourably by the academic community:

  • Also, published a review by Christian Haußer, Instituto de Estudios Humanísticos ‘Abate J. I. Molina’, Universidad de Talca (in German). (12/2016).


Victoria “on air”

Frank Lorenz Müller analyses the difficult relationship between Prussia and the Princess Royal – as Queen Victoria’s daughter and the German Emperor’s mother – in a radio feature written by Carola Zinner: Now available for download on Bavaria 2: ‘Tochter der Queen, Mutter des deutschen Kaisers’ (German language). (02/2016)


Heirs and a ‘Great Historical System’

We are delighted that “The St Andrews Historian” (Issue 3, 2015) features an article on our Heirs to the Throne project: ‘Stabilising a “Great Historical System”? Researching the Role of Royal Heirs in the Nineteenth Century’. (05/2015)


Empress Victoria’s Mission – online

Frank Müller was invited to contribute a paper “Frau Deines Mannes, Tochter Deiner Mutter”: Mission und Scheitern der Kaiserin Victoria at the international conference “Perspektivweitung. Frauen und Männer machten die Geschichte Brandenburg-Preußens” in Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin. His talk can now be found online: The Video file is provided by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung. (01/2015) A German version of the article is available on (05/2016).


Heirs and “The Court Historian”

“The Court Historian” (vol 19/1, June 2014), Journal of the Society for Court Studies, features an article on the project’s conference “Monarchical Succession and the Political Culture of 19th Century Europe” written by Maria-Christina Marchi, Richard Meyer Forsting and Miriam Schneider (page 91-95). Heidi Mehrkens hat published an exhibition review on “The Festive year 2013 in Brunswick” (page 87-90). (09/14)

Finally: History makes sense!

Heidi Mehrkens published an edited volume together with Christian Frey, Thomas Kubetzky, Klaus Latzel and Christoph Friedrich Weber: Sinngeschichten. Kulturgeschichtliche Beiträge für Ute Daniel, Köln/Weimar/Wien, Böhlau, 2013. The Festschrift in honour of the German cultural historian Ute Daniel assembles essays on the history of the senses and sense in history. (12/2013)


The liberal Crown Prince and the Press

Frank Lorenz Müller’s book “Der 99-Tage-Kaiser” (Siedler Verlag, Munich, 2013) has been widely discussed in the German media. We have picked two radio features broadcast by “Deutschlandradio Kultur“ (Audio link: “Der liberale Kronprinz”, 14 June 2013) and „Deutschlandfunk“ (Audio link: “Mit einem Mythos aufgeräumt”, 17 June 2013). For detailed discussions, you can also sample the reviews in the „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ and in „Die Welt“. (11/2013)


Monarchy on the air

Interviews with speakers at the international conference “European Constitutional Monarchies” (Copenhagen 2012) form part of a Swedish radio feature on the history of European monarchies. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to Miriam Schneider who contributed a lecture on the concept of the ‘Sailor Prince’! In an interesting twist, Miriam’s project about younger royal princes whose naval careers contributed to the popularization of monarchy is being linked to contemporary Scandinavian princes and their car-racing hobbies. The feature (with the interviews in English) on “Sverige Radio” (Audio link: “Kungen som kameleont”, 10 January 2013). (11/2013)


German political history – fresh in French

Heidi Mehrkens, Gudrun Gersmann and Mareike König are proud to present the most recent member of the « Revue d’histoire du XIXe siècle » family (n° 46, 2013/1). This issue keeps readers up-to-date with current research on German 19th century political history and features an impressive line-up of contributors. Read more about “L’espace du politique en Allemagne au XIXe siècle”. (11/2013)