Forthcoming Events

Events in 2017
  • 19 AprilMiriam Schneider has been invited to give a talk Mit Königs um die Welt: Die Repräsentation der Monarchie im Reise- und Abenteuerroman des langen 19. Jahrhunderts at the Colloquium on Modern History, Gießen University.
  • 18 & 19 May – Frank Lorenz Müller will give a paper “A Modern Prince in the Best Sense of the Word”: Suggesting a Future for Imperial Germany’s Sub-National Monarchies at a workshop entitled Ruler Visibility, Modernity, and the Ethnonational Mindset, to be held at Aarhus University.
  • 17 SeptemberMiriam Schneider has been invited to give a talk “Sea king’s daughter from over the sea”: Maritime heritage and the idea of a racial-cultural kinship between Britain and Denmark, c. 1863-1900 at the workshop Royal Danish Consorts in Britain, Royal Museums Greenwich.