“Heir of the Month”

Spotlight on… our ‘Heir of the Month’!

Every few weeks we will introduce visitors to our website to a different royal personality we are exploring as part of our project. We aim to make these introductions accessible and informative, and we look forward to reading your comments and feedback.

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NEW: The Who’s Who of Royal Heirs

Enjoy easy access to all previous ‘Heir of the Month’ essays by using our exciting royal timeline webtool. A gallant gallery of monarchs in waiting – what’s not to like?

(Sven Scheurer and Heidi Mehrkens / design: Timeline JS)










HOTM: The Third Year

We are happy to collate our third clutch of twelve essays into another freely available ‘Royal Annual’ for ease of access and to mark the ongoing commitment of our AHRC-funded venture to communicating our work and our ideas to a wide circle of readers with an interest in the history of the monarchical nineteenth century:

NEW: Heir of the Month: The Third Year 2015-2016 (pdf version)

Heir of the Month: The Second Year 2014-2015 (pdf version)

Heir of the Month: The First Year 2013-2014 (pdf version)