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Spotlight on… our ‘Heir of the Month’!

Every few weeks we will introduce visitors to our website to a different royal personality we are exploring as part of our project. We aim to make these introductions accessible and informative, and we look forward to reading your comments and feedback.

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The Who’s Who of Royal Heirs

Enjoy easy access to all previous ‘Heir of the Month’ essays by using our exciting royal timeline webtool. A gallant gallery of monarchs in waiting – what’s not to like?

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Here’s to our third Royal Annual – and to the project!


It is with mixed feelings – pride tinged with some sadness – that we are presenting our third and final Royal Annual: another twelve essays addressing aspects of the lives and functions of royal heirs in 19th-century Europe. As before all of them have been produced by members and friends of the Heirs to the Throne project.

We would like to renew our thanks to the AHRC and to the authors of these insightful vignettes. We are pleased to be able to offer them yet again as a collated digital ‘volume’ – carefully packaged to afford our readers maximum convenience along with – hopefully – fruitful and enjoyable reading.

As our project formally completed its five-year run in March 2017, this will be the final annual. Over the years we have produced and published 36 separate essays. We intend to keep our online presence going as a lively meeting place for scholars and lay folk with an interest in the monarchical history of 19th-century Europe. So please keep visiting us here and on our social media sites to find out more about forthcoming talks, publications and initiatives. The website will also continue to offer visitors easy access to the growing number of our HOTM podcasts.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our project to date and hope that our readers will continue to find our work interesting and engaging.

Oh, and in the unlikely case you happen to have missed reading the two first volumes, here is the whole family for you:

Heir of the Month: The Third Year 2015-2016 (pdf version)

Heir of the Month: The Second Year 2014-2015 (pdf version)

Heir of the Month: The First Year 2013-2014 (pdf version)


St Andrews – Aberdeen – Berlin / May 2017

Heidi Mehrkens & Frank Lorenz Müller